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Theatres hide many stories that can be rarely heard or read. Even though illusive, magic of the theatre circles around theatre clubs and buffets. We endeavour to capture these illusive moments by sharing them on social media under the name of Theatre Stories.

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What can you see in the theatre except for shows? In 1986, you could see football match. Yes, you read it correctly – football match. Zvezdara Theatre did not want to make their audience choose between World Cup and amazing shows which were planned for the evening, so the organizers decided to move the plays to 22 h and to play the match before on big screen.


“Here, I bought the drums, now you make the show.” These are the words of Bogdan Diklic that he said to Dragan Jovanovic at one occasion and that is the story how the play FUNNY SIDE OF MUSIC was born. It had a premiere on May 4, 1998.


DOCTOR SHUSTER was the first play performed on New Scene of Zvezdara Theatre. Dusan Kovacevic said about the play: “All in all, you can say that we learn slowly and wrongly and that we forget fast and easy.”


How much time is needed for the play to reach its 100th performance? When it comes to the play THE PROFESSIONAL, it took a little bit less than half a year.


Dragan Jovanovic has performed in our theatre in eight plays with the total number of 914 performances (until the end of 2015/16 theatre season).


Bata Stojkovic has been and has remained my greatest friend, forever.

(Dusan Kovacevic)

Bata Stojkovic and Dusan Kovacevic are the great tandem! They have left  an indelible mark in our theatre through plays such as CLAUSTROPHOBIC COMEDY (1987), THE PROFFESIONAL (1990), HILLERIOUS TRAGEDY (1991) and LARY TOMPSON, THE TRAGEDY OF A YOUTH (1996).


This is a story about a taxi driver who was headed to one place but arrived at a completely different address, an actor who decided to get off the taxi precisely at the wrong address and a conversation that happened at the perfect moment.

This is the story that Tihomir Stanic, the actor, has told us.


Bata Stojkovic once quoted Kami:

It is not true, said Kami, that the actor among all artists is the first one to be forgotten.


At 350th performance of the play THE PROFESSIONAL, Bata Stojkovic, instead of giving the usual prop to Bogdan Diklic, gave him a pocket watch engraved with the words: “To my Dika, Bata Stojkovic, 10.1.1999.”


The first play performed at the Zvezdara Theatre was SPAWNING CARP. Its premiere was on October 8, 1984. It was performed during four seasons and 93.960 spectators saw this play at our theatre. If we include guest performances, we get to an amazing number of 127.460 people who saw this play!


Bata Stojkovic performed in our theatre in 7 plays with total number of 1102 performances. His last performance was on February 13, 2002.