18. 06. 2017.


The show Hypnosis of One Love by Dušan Kovačević had a guest performance last night at the festival “Days of Buca” in Aleksandrovac. The festival was held for the fourth time this year. The expert jury included Mira Banjac, Ljiljana Stjepanović and Irfan Mensur.

On this occasion, the “Milan Minja Obradović” award for the best production of the theater show performed at the festival was awarded to Zvezdara Theater.

“Zvezdara Theater, with the idea of Hypnosis of One Love, promoted a striking theater aesthetics that justified the value of the prize for theater production in conditions that are not fertile for the production of significant theater shows.” (Tanjug)

The expert jury also decided to award Dragan Petrović Pele for the role of Vasa in the same show for the best acting performance, and the “Golden Grain” for the best female role was given to Anica Dobra for the role of mother Soja in the same show.

… the jury has noted that there are “rare actors who in such a brilliant way find a new and fresh way in creating an authentic, character with innate acting wit.” (Tanjug)

From the show Hypnosis of One Love

Photographer: Nikola Vukelić

The show Hypnosis of One Love had its premiere on December 17 in Zvezdara theater and the tickets for each performance have been sold out since, even during the first few days since the release of the repertoire, regardless of the number of performances in a month.

So far it has won awards at 46th Days of Comedy in Jagodina:

  • Mija Aleksic Award for the Best Performance
  • Prize “Miodrag Petrović Čkalja” and statuette “Jovanča Micić” for the funniest performance by the audience jury
  • Award for the best contemporary domestic comedy text for Dušan Kovačević
  • Statuette “Ćuran” for the best acting performance for Dragan Petrović Pele

The performance at the festival “Days of Buca” was also the last performance of this show in this theater season.

Zvezdara Theater will start the new season in October. Until then, follow us on social networks Facebook and Instagram.