Hypnosis of one love is the new play written and directed by Dusan Kovacevic. Cast: Ljubomir Bandovic, Anica Dobra, Nina Jankovic, Dragan Petrovic Pele, Uros Jakovljevic, Ivan Mihailovic.

Writer and director: Dusan Kovacevic

Scenographers: Nenad Brkic and Nikola Nikolic
Costume Designer: Marina Vukasovic Medenica
Composer: Vladimir Markovic
Editor: dr Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic
Coreographer: Milan Gromilic
Art Costume Finish: Olga Mrdjenovic
Bagpipes: Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Video Animator: Dane Blacic
Organizer: Dragisa Curguz

Stage Manager: Vanja Janketic
Prompter: Dragana Andjelkovic
Lighting Designer: Radovan Samolov
Sound Designer: Nikola Jovovic
Video Projections: Matija Jovanovic
Property Master: Branislav Roncevic
Warderobe Assistant: Milena Kovacevic
Makeup Artist: Marijana Golubovic

Poster Designer: Stevo Mandic
Photographer: Nikola Vukelic
Designer: Aleksandra Ilic


Ljubomir BANDOVIC, Father, Ranko the forester
Anica DOBRA, Mother Soja
Nina JANKOVIC, Mila, Soja’s and Ranko’s daughter
Dragan PETROVIC PELE, Doctor Vasa
Uros JAKOVLJEVIC, Dragi, doctor’s son
Ivan MIHAILOVIC, a young guy

Dusan Kovacevic
A word by the writer

Each year in Serbia a small town of 40 to 50 thousand citizens disappears. There are less of us because we are leaving – we are leaving the country, we are moving to other areas or to the sky. And the years go by fast and in ten years a city of 500 thousand citizens will disappear and if the situation remains the same, Serbs will in Serbia be a national minority in 100 years. The only hope is the love towards our close ones and to the country to which we own everything we have.