29. 05. 2017.


Nebojša Romčević

Nebojša Romčević

1. What was your inspiration to write the text for the play Passive smoking?

There are two sources: one, concrete, about which I’ve already spoken – my arrest at the Paris airport, and the second one, deeper, our attempt to guess what on earth, “the international community” is expecting of us and that it remains that way at least until the first of the month.

2. Do you imagine how the piece will look on the scene while you write?

Absolutely. Drama is a part of the theater, not literature.

3. Do you have a favorite quote from the show?

Jack Bauer (shows the emblem on his uniform): “Ego occidi non fumignat! – I kill, but I do not smoke! This is the motto of my unit. We have killed and we will kill, but we have not smoked and we won’t!”

4. How does your writing process look like?

Writing goes smoothly, thinking is hard.

5. Describe in five words the ideal audience of Passive smoking?

They are watching the show for the tenth time.

Passive smoking

Photography: Nikola Vukelić

6. Who is the one you prefer to cooperate with while working on the show?

Cooperation is not at the top of my virtues. I cooperate the least reluctantly with the director.

7. What is your favorite spot in Zvezdara theater?


8. Do you remember the moment you fell in love with the theater?

Yes. Like the moment when I got sick of it.

Passive smoking

Photography: Nikola Vukelić

9. If you were not a writer, what would you do?

I would be lying for nothing.

10. Finally, how would you describe the show Passive smoking in three words?

Funny, rude, unfair.