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The Zvezdara Theatre opened its doors for the public on 8th October 1984 with a play Mrešćenje Šarana (Carp Spawning) written by Aleksandar Popović and directed by Dejan Mijač.
Our doors are still open.
The rest is history.

These words have been said about our founding days and on what followed soon after:

DUŠAN KOVAČEVIĆ: It is an open secret that the Zvezdara Theatre owes its popularity and success to the fact that the majority of stars – the best and most popular Belgrade actors and actresses – became part of Zvezdara’s team, making it a national team of ’art performers’, as Zoran Radmilović, who died soon after the theatre was born, used to say. Bata Stojković, Bora Todorović, Mira Stupica, Petar Kralj, Milena Dravić, Dragan Nikolić, Lazar ‘Laza’ Ristovski, Seka Sablić, Branislav Lečić, Bogdan Diklić, Ljilja Dragutinović, Milorad Mandić ‘Manda’, Branimir Brstina, Voja Brajović, Dragan ‘Gagi’ Jovanović, Lane Gutović, and a score of other great and significant actors and actresses, have left their ’indelible mark’ in the life, work, repertoire – existence of this theatre house in Zvezdara. They played the majority of their unforgettable roles in the first performances of dramatic narratives written by Serbian playwrights, in the works of art which have enriched Serbian literature. The secret is that there was no special recipe; it was all achieved thanks to hard work, enthusiasm and creative freedom.

ALEKSANDAR MILOSAVLJEVIĆ: Considering what lies in wait for our theatres in the future, and based on past experience, the Zvezdara Theatre is a desirable model as a theatre that we can, with a good reason, learn from.

JOVAN ĆIRILOV: The Zvezdara Theatre is a specific Belgrade phenomenon. It makes Belgrade different from the other cities in the country and abroad. (…) The Zvezdara Theatre is the only theatre where it is not important to be different from someone or something else: it was born in the sign of ostensible impossibility – comedy is performed seriously, in such a way that the audience does not notice that the actors are not trying to be as funny as the audience thinks they are. Experts say that they perform satires, meaning that they mock our faults and weaknesses, while members of the audience enjoying themselves accept those frailties as their own.

BRANKA KRILOVIĆ: The audience that attends the performances at the Zvezdara Theatre does not have a specific profile; it is of an elusive social and intellectual status. The members of its audience that attend the plays are not motivated by some fashion, or craze for the pedigree. Their mission is simply the attendance. They are there because they are, and there is no need for any further interpretation. Whether they arrive by jeep or trolley, be they part of a posh crowd or working class, they come for a little artistic recreation and do not leave without a minimum ten-minute standing ovation.


1. 10/8/1984   SPAWNING CARP Aleksanadar Popovic D: Dejan Mijac
2. 11/4/1984   WARRIORS’ GOODBYE Branko Copic AD/D: Egon Savin
3. 4/1/1985   DEVIL AT THE FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY Ivo Bresan D: Vida Ognjenovic
4. 10/24/1985   SHOPPING DAY Aleksandar Popovic D: Goran Markovic
5. 2/10/1986   TATTOOED SOULS Goran Stefanovski D: Slobodan Unkovski
6. 11/24/1986   MALE AND FEMALE BIRD Slobodan Stojanović D: Dejan Mijac
7. 2/5/1987   IN AGONY Miroslav Krleza AD/D: Vida Ognjenovic
8. 11/6/1987   CLAUSTROPHOBIC COMEDY Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
9. 6/29/1988   HAMLET IN DOWN MRDUSA Ivo Bresan AD/D: Branislav Micunovic
10.   1/28/1989   ORIGINAL FORGERY Rade Radovanovic D: Slavenko Saletovic
11. 2/1/1989   THREE SISTERS – A HUNDRED YEARS LATER A. P. Chekhov AD/D: Aleksandar Lukac
12. 7/31/1989    A DREAM OF THE KOSOVO NIGHT (Budva) AD/D: Petar Bozovic
10/8/1989    A DREAM OF THE KOSOVO NIGHT (Belgrade)
13. 11/19/1989   THE STAR WHICH LED THE PEOPLE Milica Novkovic D: Vladimir Lazic
14. 1/10/1990   THE PROFESSIONAL Dusan Kovacevic D: Dušan Kovacevic
15. 3/7/1990   LITTLE GIRL Radoslav Pavlovic D: Darko Bajic
16. 3/25/1990   A COCKEREL WITHOUT A TALE Aleksandar Popovic D: Branko Plesa
17. 17/7/1990    RUSH (Budva) S.Koprivica–P.Antonijevic D: Egon Savin
2/10/1990    RUSH (Beograd)
18. 1/28/1991    DAWN IN THE EAST Gordan Mihic D: Jagos Markovic
19. 3/21/1991    HILARIOUS TRAGEDY Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
20. 11/14/1991    A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE, A LITTLE BIT OF HATRED Vlasta Radovanovic D: Vlasta Radovanovic
21. 3/1/1992    EVENTS IN DONKEY’S SHADOW Veljko Radovic D: Branislav Micunovic
22. 7/4/1992    LIFE OF JOVAN Radoslav Pavlovic D: Darko Bajic
23. 4/12/1992    GENERAL MILAN NEDIC Sinisa Kovacevic Sinisa Kovacevic
24. 12/24/1992    THE GROBLJANSKA STREET Nebojsa Romcevic D: Jovica Pavic
25. 4/5/1993    CARUGA Radoslav Pavlovic D: Milos Radovic
26. 5/3/1994    SERBIAN DRAMA Sinisa Kovacevic D: Nebojsa Bradic
27. 3/20/1994    EASY PART Nebojsa Romcevic D: Vladimir Jevtovic
28. 6/12/1994    HOW TO KILL THE BASTARDS (Valjevo) Novica Savic D: Branko Plesa
3/11/1994    HOW TO KILL THE BASTARDS (Beograd)
29. 12/28/1994    DEAD END Aleksandar Popovic D: Radoslav Milenkovic
30. 12/1/1995    OUR SONS V. Jovanovic – Marambo AD/D: Jagos Markovic
31. 4/18/1996    EL BESO DE LA MUJER ARAÑA (KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN) Manuel Puig AD: Vanja Karas
D: Egon Savin
32. 9/30/1996    BAS BUNAR (BAS WELL) Aleksandar Popovic D: Aleksandar Popovic
33. 10/26/1996    LARY TOMPSON, A TRAGEDY OF ONE YOUTH Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
34. 3/12/1997    IN THE FLAMES OF PASSION Ivan M. Lalic D: Gorcin Stojanovic
35. 12/3/1997    VIRUS Sinisa Kovacevic D: Sinisa Kovacevic
36. 2/18/1998    PARABELUM Srdjan Koljevic D: Nikola Pejakovic
37. 4/11/1998    MY FATHER FIGHTING SCOUNDRELS FROM SPACE (Serbian SF Comedy) Ivan M. Lalic D: Gorcin Stojanovic
38. 4/5/1998    FUNNY SIDE OF MUSIC D Kuguars D: D Kuguars, Nikola Pejakovic
39. 1/8/1999    FIVE STARS CONTAINER Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
40. 2/4/1999    LET GO Ranko Bozic AD/D: Srdjan Karanovic
41. 3/1/2000    TRAVELER Dragoslav Mihajlovic AD: Danilo Stojkovic
42. 1/17/2001    BUG Mladen Popovic D: Egon Savin
43. 2/20/2001    GUILT Nebojsa Romcevic D: Ljuboslav Majera
44. 5/29/2001    DOCTOR SCHUSTER Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
45. 11/30/2001    ANGELA Stevan Koprivica D: Milan Karadzic
46. 4/25/2002    KONTUZOV Hristo Boytchev and Nikola Pejakovic D: Nikola Pejakovic
47. 5/24/2002    TONIGHT YOU ARE LISTENING TO Dusan Ristic D: Zlatko Pakovic
48. 4/30/2003    SKYLIGHT David Hare D: Ljiljana Todorovic
49. 10/8/2003    THE HOMECOMING Harold Pinter D: Nikita Milivojevic
50. 11/6/2004    TRE SORELLE Stevan Koprivica D: Milan Karadzic
51. 4/5/2005    RUN FOR YOUR WIFE Ray Cooney AD/D: Vladimir Lazic
52. 12/7/2005    BADGER IN COURT Petar Kocic D: Pavle Lazic
53. 12/17/2005    BELGRADE – BERLIN Maja Pelevic D: Ksenija Krnajski
54. 1/25/2006    CHERRIES IN CHOCOLATE (CYNICS) Anatoly Marienhof AD/D: Goran Susljik
55. 3/14/2006    LOVE BOAT Nebojsa Romcevic D: Darko Bajic
56. 5/16/2006    THE WAY NIKOLAI SPOKE AD/D: Nenad Ilic
57. 5/27/2006    WELCOME TO SERBIA Dragan Jovanovic D: Dragan Jovanovic
58. 11/26/2006    THE SPEED OF DARKNESS Stojan Stiv Tesic D: Branko Popovic
59. 6/11/2008    THE DINNER GAME Francis Veber D: Bozidar Djurovic
60. 10/9/2008   THE MASTER AND MARGARITA Mikhail Bulgakov D: Bosko Djordjevic
61. 11/6/2008    THE GOAT, OR WHO IS SYLVIA? Edward Albee D: Zanko Tomic
62. 11/24/2008    NON-CLASSIFIED SIDE OF MUSIC Dragan Jovanovic D: Dragan Jovanovic i Vladimir Mancic
63. 12/12/2008    DRESS REHEARSAL FOR A SUICIDE Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
64. 3/7/2009    THE DAYS OF THE CONSULES Ivo Andric AD/D: Ljubisa Ristic
65. 5/8/2009    PIG FATHER Aleksandar Popovic D: Jagos Markovic
66. 10/10/2009    A SUSPICIOUS PERSON Branislav Nusic D: Bozidar Djurovic
67. 2/5/2010    POOR LITTLE HAMSTERS Gordan Mihic D: Milic Jovanovic
68. 10/22/2010    FATIGUE (MALAKSIJA) Milos Radovic D: Branimir Brstina
69. 2/2/2011    PUBLIC FIGURE Nebojsa Romcevic D: Darko Bajic
70. 3/11/2011    LIFE IN TIGHT SHOES Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
71. 1/27/2012    THE BEST PEOPLE Dusan Kovacevic D: Dusan Kovacevic
72. 11/30/2012   LE TOURNIQUET Victor Lanoux D: Bozidar Djurovic
73. 4/10/2014    BIRTHDAY OF MR NUSIC Dusan Kovacevic D: Nebojsa Bradic
74. 12/26/2014    A FAIRYTALE ABOUT THE THEATRE Vladimir Djurdjevic D: Marko Misiraca
75. 1/23/2015    THE PATRIOT Milovan Vitezovic D: Nebojsa Bradic
76. 10/24/2015    SUNSET LIMITED Cormac McCarthy AD/D: Voja Brajovic
77. 11/14/2015    A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE Tennessee Williams AD/D: Stefan Sablic
78. 12/23/2015    CLAUSTROPHOBIC COMEDY Dusan Kovacevic R: Darko Bajic
79. 2/12/2016    SPEECH IMPAIRMENT Goran Markovic R: Goran Markovic