Theatre Tips


Zvezdara Theatre, encouraged by the desire to educate new and remind regular audience about good etiquette at the theatre, has started the activity called Theatre Tips.

Our audience asks us many questions: how to dress for the theatre? May I order drinks at the theatre? When should I applaud? These are all important questions, however, it is also important to remind oneself about and learn what good etiquette is when going to the theatre.

The most important rule can be expressed as following: to show respect toward actors and toward other spectators by not being late to the play and by turning off our phones during the performance.

With this aim in mind, we have written theatre etiquette for social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we have started posting opinions and attitudes of different people from cultural and public life. Read what some of them have said about the topic in the gallery bellow (click on the picture to read more).