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Production: AVE Serbia

Playwright: Milica Konstantinovic, PhD
Director: Jug Radivojevic
Set Designer and Costume Director: Jug Radivojevic
Music: Mozart, The Magic Flute, Papageno aria performed by Oliver Njego and Sanja Kerkez


LJILJANA BLAGOJEVIC, Bosa, mother-in-law, mother of the groom, from Romania, a lumberjack by trade
VIKTOR SAVIC, Stojko, son, a ballet dancer in a theatre by trade
SONJA KNEŽEVIĆ, Sofija, mother-in-law, a divorced economist from Novi Sad, without working experience, but successfully lived from the alimony she received for her daughter, a fashionista through and through
KALINA KOVACEVIC, Juca, Sofija’s daughter, a pianist by trade, out of work so she drives a truck

Premiere: October 23, 2012

Duration: 80 minutes

Milica Konstantinovic, PhD
A word by the author

Do you like your mother-in-law? You probably adore her advice, enjoy fulfilling her wishes and expectations, and daydream about satisfying her every need. If that is so, then you certainly would not mind them both coming to visit you at the same time? For a long weekend? Their whole life? If this dream is for some reason unattainable for you, it is possible for you to live it vicariously through the protagonists of our play, and laugh hard while doing it. We will show you an encounter that will leave no one indifferent.

Even though the characters of great mother-in-law, wise daughter-in-law and modest son-in-law have already been seen in comedies, they still seem even astonishingly new, and the audience, with interest, expects their complicated situation to unravel, all thanks to brilliant actors, an excellent director and the great energy of the play. (Milica Konstantinović PhD, author)


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