23. 05. 2017.


Mihael Milunović is the famous painter and the author of the poster for the play The Sunset Limited. We asked him 10 short questions. Read below his answers.

Photography: Jovana Ilić

1. Why did you want to become a painter?

From the conviction that the art can change people and the world. I think the same now as I did before.

2. What themes are most common in your work?

My theme is always the position of a man in objective reality, but also everything that involves delusions, reflections, shadows, distortions.

3. What is the significance of the theater in your opinion?

Geographic map is sometimes called Theatrum Mundi, i.e. show of the world. Our task in life is to take a better look at ourselves, as well as on the grand stage that is the world. Good actors are our harshest mirrors.

4. What moment of your career do you remember the best?

Receiving Renoir’s award. I felt like Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump”.

5. What or who had influenced your work the most?

Wholehearted support I had from my mother and the dialogue I had with artists that are important to me – with them personally because I had the good fortune to meet many of them – and their works. I’m happy that I’m still learning.

6. Where do you find inspiration?

It is the inspiration that finds me, without notice.

Photography: Jovana Ilić

7. Do you remember the moment you fell in love with painting?

I’m something of a natural born painter – it is in my blood.

8. If you were not a painter, what would you be?

I know what I would not be!

9. Do you have a favorite quote from the play The Sunset Limited?

Black: Belief aint like unbelief. If you a believer then you  got to come finally to the well of belief itself and then you dont have to look no further. There aint no further. But the unbeliever has got a problem. He has set out to unravel the world, but everything he can point to that aint true leaves two new things laying there. If God walked the earth when he got done makin it then when you get up in the morning’ you get to put your feet on a real floor and you dont have to worry about where it come from. But if he didnt then you got to come up with a whole other description of what you even mean by real. And you got to judge everything by that same light. If light it is. Includin yourself. One question fits all. So what do you think, Professor? Is you real?

10. Finally, how would you describe the show The Sunset Limited in three words?

Embrace freedom and hopelessness.

During the summer months in Vienna, Mihael Milunović artwork will adorn the facade of the building Ringturm, which was written about in Politika. More information about Mihael Milunović and some of his works can be found on his website.